Rizzini e shotgun review

I had one as my first gun, was solid and relaible, but a little heavy. I did have a problem with the ejector though ejecting itself from the gun and needed a new firing pin after a little while, besides that I would still have another if I caould get a nice cheap one. They do some really nice sidelocks too. As above, was my first gun, heavy as hell but a good solid gun.

F Rizzini was a seperate company in Italy making high quality guns, but has now amalgamated with the E Rizzini production. New guns of both Emilio and Fausti come from the same factory, but earlier F Rizzinis were hand made in a separate facility. So, assuming you are not going for the more expensive B or F Rizzinis, consider also the Lincoln and Medalists, as they are the same guns underneath.

Bought an E Rizzini a few weeks ago second hand as my first gun. There is actually only 2 ounces difference between it and my dad's Browning B, but that feels much lighter. Don't know why. It had been very well used, but they seem to be robust and long-lasting as most of the metal work looks like new and all fits nice and tightly, even if the wood needed refinishing.

The only problem with it is that the bottom cartridge rubs very slightly on the back where the pins are when closing because there is wear on the thing that pushes the ejectors in when closing, so they don't pull the cartridge in quite far enough.

This sometimes means you have to close the gun quite hard to fully engage the lock or the thumb pusher thing doesn't go to 6 o'clock and a small gap is left.

Not good! This only happens when it gets hot though. So the thing to look out for if it's old is corrosion on the barrels and a nice tight fit on the metal work. Thumbs up for a rizzini and perhaps have a look at lanbers as well as I seen a lanber field that was a nice looking gun. Once you're used to shooting, and instinctive reaction shooting takes over, then the handling of the gun will become more important.

I hope I've explained that right. I know what I mean anyway. My friend has a B. Rizzini Premier Sporting, now that is a different animal. Its a fabulous clay gun, that I'd recommend to anyone. But obviously thats in a different league, and price bracket.

I doubt George Digweed would have any problems beating anyone with a swap of guns. My advice is if it feels good to you i. I recently have laid a deposit on a browning as my mother wants to treat me and my father and to be honest I cant find a fault with my bettinsoli in looks, feel, balance etc etc and am afraid that the named brand wont be as good as my old gun.

Just my opinion on things and not gospel. I stand by my opinion of 'good starter gun' even though the above person does insult me by saying I'm talking bull. When we say starter gun, what we mean is, it'll do the job without breaking the bank, and if you don't like shooting, then ,not too much money has been spent.

Then if you take to it, you may want a more up market gun, if your budget allows.A long established family firm, they played a large role in developing the AyA side by side gun for British conditions. ASI have had interests in other brands as well, and recently they announced their wholesale agency for B. Rizzini guns which are also imported by my friend Paul Roberts in London for sale in his shop.

It is, perhaps, indication that over and unders have become accepted by their client base. Batista Rizzini undoubtedly makes good guns at a wide range of price points though with the decline of the pound these tend to be rising. The Rizzinis, meantime, are a clan of Italian gunmakers. They were good cheap guns, a step or two up from a Baikal. E Rizzini is now incorporated into Fausti who, like B.

Rizzini, now focus attention on better quality production. Rizzinis had, however, been sold by Paul Roberts for sometime, who, interestingly, did much work to anglicise the guns and continues to import them to this day.

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Back to the test gun. It is a pretty gun weighing 6lbs. The wood is excellent too, and it has deluxe features such as an extended trigger guard and a solid, tapered, sighting rib one of my favourite patterns for game shooting.

I also like the semi pistol grip and round, London-style, forend. This is a different quality of gun to some that have borne one Rizzini name or other over the years, although it is mechanically similar - being built on an over and under design widely used in Gardonne to this day, which combines trunnion hinging with bifurcated lumps, Browning style bolting and monobloc barrels.

Rizzini Exmoor RB 32in 12-bore

This distinct type of modern Brescian gun looks best and handles best in 20bore in my opinion. The action suits the bore size as it does a The 12 bores of similar type always look and feel a bit heavy to me because of the Browning style bolt, they tend to be a bit high in the action wall.

The round bar action is a definite improvement on the square bar version of the gun which is still predominant. The engraving and colour case hardened finish will appeal to traditional sportsmen.

The engine turning to the sides of the monobloc is always nice to see. The sighting rib was especially well presented.You have to be careful here, and refer to the gun as an E.

Rizzini, because the Rizzinis are a particularly complex gunmaking dynasty rather than just one firm. E for Emilio Rizzini has now been taken over by a company called Fausti Stefano, which is run by the elegant Fausti sisters, Elena, Giovanna and Barbara, and their products are of very high quality. Headed up by Guido Rizzini, this company makes only a small number of guns of the very highest quality. All of these Rizzinis are, or were, related.

Three of them Battista, Isidoro and Emilio are brothers, and are also nephews of Guido and his brothers who founded F. They are also related to the Fausti family of gunmakers, and to Caesar Guerini who builds the gun we looked at last month. Overall, one gets the impression that if all the clan moved out of the Gardone Valley area, there would be a very large amount of factory property on the market! Historically, the B. They have a huge number of guns to choose from, in 12, 20, bores, and.

The action is somewhat Browning-like, with hammers hinged at the trigger plate and sears from the top strap, and a low- mounted bolt running along the action floor. However, unlike a Browning, the barrels are hinged on stub pins rather than a full-width cross pin, which allows for a shallow action. Another difference is that independent cocking levers are pushed by a cam on the fore-end iron, and these levers also operate the cocking mechanism.

rizzini e shotgun review

Home Reviews Guns Shotguns. Product Overview Secondhand B. Rizzini shotgun. Product: Gun reviews: Secondhand B. Then there is F. It is available with 28,30,32 and 34in barrels. Buy or sell your gun here!Unashamedly large and intended for high-bird work, Michael Yardley believes that the Rizzini Exmoor RB has serious potential. The test gun this month is intended for high-bird work and has been imported and developed by ASI of Snape. I might say it also looks more refined, more like a game gun than many of the clay-busting machines to which some now resort for serious high-bird work.

The Rizzini Exmoor RB may be a big beast but it is still a handsome one. The action is coin finished and its rounded bar profusely engraved with acanthus scroll applied, expertly, by a laser process. Aesthetically, the combination of rounded action bar and deep scroll works well.

Beretta 682 Gold E Shotgun Review

The overall standard of presentation seems especially good; as well as the eye-catching engraving, the figure of the wood, the oiled stock finish and the laser-applied chequering all exceed expectations. Blacking is excellent. The general form and shapes of the gun impress as well with a couple of qualifications regarding the stock.

Barrel making is sound and the rounded, boldly engraved action bar suits the gun well. The trigger is single and selective with a gold-plated blade. The chokes are fixed — three-quarters and full — and the rib is both solid and tapered 8mm to 6mm. The wood on the Rizzini Exmoor RB test gun was not only well figured but well coloured and created a pleasant contrast with the action.

There were no nasty surprises when the Rizzini Exmoor RB was mounted.

Gun Test: Rizzini RB Sporter

Balance, unexpectedly, was near the hinge pin, which is unusual in a Long Tom. Consequently, the long tubes feel willing. The gun seems surprisingly pointable and lively in spite of its weight. My only significant criticism of the Rizzini Exmoor RB is that I thought the form of the stock a bit bulky, reminiscent of an Italian trap gun more than a traditional field gun.

ASI notes the stock has been adapted from a sporter design.

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One might be tempted to taper the comb down a bit — the pattern of a Belgian-made Browning B25 would be my inspiration or a Purdey pigeon gun. I would also lose the palm swell and reduce the size of the grip; again, my models for perfection would be Browning or Purdey.

Standard shelf measurements were good here, however. The stock alterations suggested above would save a bit of weight. Striking up the barrels to lighten them might also be considered though I would wait to assess the affect of stock modification first.Designated RB round bodied Sporter, this inch barrelled gun has an extraordinarily elegant appearance for a clay target firearm.

T hough I may have written many hundreds of gun tests, reviewing the Rizzini RB Sporter was for me something special. The gun is an excellent one, but most importantly it is imported from Italy by ASI.

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My career in the firearms industry began with GMK, followed by Winchester and then as European marketing manager for Browning, also in charge of product development for their European market. This was possibly because at that time, side-by-side shotguns outsold over-and-unders and, as far as the gun trade was concerned, the AYA imported by ASI in its various guises was a market leader. When I began shooting, the AYA boxlock was the natural choice as an entry-level gun but you could always aspire to a No2 sidelock or even a No1.

My first gun was an AYA No3, but long after, when I was employed in the firearms industry, I never took the opportunity to make contact with ASI, perhaps because I was always working for their competitors. Though their side-by-side guns still sell in considerable numbers, ASI are also in the over-and-under market and I called Edward King, their managing director, with regards to a shotgun for review. As a result, I have in front of me their latest venture into the over-and-under market, the Rizzini RB Sporter.

The Rizzini family can boast a number of gunmakers but the subject of this test is made by Baltista Rizzini, who founded his company in The heading of the stock takes on the rounded contours of the action, which gracefully meld into a particularly well-shaped pistol grip.

This is of generous proportions and combines a hand-filling palm swell, all of which provides a reassuring feeling of control. The comb has a slim, tapered profile from the heel to the front and, together with the slim, rounded forend, the wood is a dark figured walnut.

The forend wood is equally well shaped and also follows the lines of the action body, comfortably lying across the leading hand to be held with the fingers. Unusual for a clay target gun, it incorporates an Anson rod fastening — a tailpiece would have been ideal but sadly was absent. The trigger plate action is non-detachable and the hammers are cocked by way of the forend iron in the conventional manner — a straightforward layout and easy to repair. The trigger, as befits a competition gun, was suitably crisp with the minimum of take up.

Ejector work was again conventional, which functioned well with good primary extraction and positive ejection. The jointing of the barrels to the action is by way of a bolt coming forward under the breech face and locating in a single bite under the bottom barrel. With a length of 81 centimetres including hand-detachable flush fitting chokes, extended options are available. Only a cursory glance revealed that Rizzini make good barrels as they always have.

In Sporter specification, the rib is flat and tapers from 10 to 7 millimetres, and the top surface is beautifully machined — a blessed relief from something resembling the Forth Bridge and, like so many things, what can be seen but not noticed is best. As for chokes, I was spoiled for choice and so chose the flush-fitting ones first to see how they compared with the extended ones later. An all-up weight of eight pounds and five ounces is not excessive for a inch barrelled over-and-under of any kind and the RB as a Sporter gun will have to deal with targets at ranges, short as well as long.

My personal choice of barrel length for a Sporter is around 30 inches, which was until I shot this Rizzini.

As it is a long gun, I began with some targets at distance. I moved onto some driven targets with similar results. I was a little bemused that the Rizzini made things so easy — I had expected a little more hard work but this was not the case.

Trigger pulls were excellent and I had broken a number of targets before I even noticed this, which is as it should be. The Rizzini RB Sporter brings that all important quality of feel and balance, which in the right hands could win at any level of competition. I always take a shot at these, whatever gun I am using, with varying success. By the time I reached this stand, I was feeling pretty confident but this is usually dashed by the time I have left. Until now, I had just been pointing and shooting with some good results but with my previous experience I refused to get my hopes up.

This time, I just kept my head down and the targets kept breaking to the extent that I gathered a small group of onlookers. I thought I knew already, but I did some thinking at home. This Sporter is not a fast-handling dream, but with the centimetre barrels weighing 1. Nevertheless, point of balance is in the right place and so this gun moves quickly enough.Pictured are the members of the JSB (Junction of Statistics and Biology) research group.

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rizzini e shotgun review

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rizzini e shotgun review

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